Chris Paul is trending on Twitter thanks to ridiculous Kanye West accusation

Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul. (Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports)
Phoenix Suns guard Chris Paul. (Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports) /

Chris Paul was trending on Twitter on Thursday night after Kanye West lobbed an accusation that the Suns star had an affair with Kim Kardashian.

You never know what’s going to hit Twitter at any given time. Sometimes it’s memes about the latest NFL game circulating. Sometimes it’s Kanye West lobbing a grenade into the personal life of an NBA superstar.

In case you hadn’t figured it out, the latter was the big news on social media on Thursday night.

In the midst of a tweet storm containing varying levels of coherence, West made an accusation against Chris Paul.

“Let’s break one last window before we get outa here,” West tweeted. “I caught this guy [Chris Paul] with Kim. Good night.”

Well, that was certainly unexpected. It was nothing but surprising for NBA Twitter to see Chris Paul trending on a night when he wasn’t playing for the Suns.

Kanye West got Chris Paul trending on Twitter over an infidelity accusation

The social media reaction leaned into the comedy of the whole situation.

Just go search Paul on Twitter. There are a million other tweets and memes.

Paul is going to get the headlines, but his involvement is the most insignificant of the developments from Thursday regarding West.

The rapper and would-be presidential candidate double, triple and quadrupled down on radical messages relating to Jewish people, NAZIs and more. An interview with Alex Jones, in which he praised Adolf Hitler, was just the beginning of another day of wild rhetoric.

West was suspended from Twitter for 12 hours for violating the platform’s rules when he posted a graphic containing a swastika.

So in many ways, this Paul situation is a smokescreen. This wasn’t just one famous person exposing another. This was a lot bigger and more serious than that.

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