Mets final straw for losing Carlos Correa was a possible 2024 free agent

Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa. (Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports)
Minnesota Twins shortstop Carlos Correa. (Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports) /

eThe Mets may have ultimately balked at getting the Carlos Correa deal done because of a potential target in the 2024 free-agent pool.

Carlos Correa will not be a Met after New York and the star shortstop couldn’t work out a compromise on a long-term contract.

That’s certainly disappointing for the Mets, just as it was for the Giants, who first agreed on a contract with Correa before concerns over his medical scuppered that deal as well.

But there’s a potential silver lining: Failing to sign Correa could keep the door open for a big 2024 free agent.

Missing on Correa could make Manny Machado possible in 2024

“Source: The potential FA availability of Manny Machado next year was something the Mets internally discussed near the end of negotiations with Carlos Correa,” Michael Marino of Fantrax tweeted.

Whether or not Marino is a reliable source on the behind-the-scenes between the Mets and Correa, New York would have been wise to consider how else their money could be invested as the Correa situation dragged on.

The Twins may have been willing to give Correa $200 million over six years, but two different MLB teams with World Series aspirations saw his physical as a major concern.

Waiting instead for a free agent like Manny Machado could ultimately pay off. He was an MVP candidate again in 2022 with 32 home runs and he has a player option for 2024. If Correa couldn’t happen, Machado would certainly be a sufficient replacement in terms of production and star power.

Of course, waiting for Machado would mean having to make it through the 2023 season without the boost Correa would have brought.

Short of making a short-term addition at third base, Eduardo Escobar will occupy that spot with Brett Baty continuing to increase his role.

Then the push would be on for Machado in 2024.

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