Packers make honorable donation after Damar Hamlin emergency

The Green Bay Packers displayed generosity and integrity with a charitable donation in Damar Hamlin’s honor.

Like many other individuals and organizations, the Green Bay Packers joined a noble cause this week.

Any time tragedy or emergency strike, human beings show what they’re truly capable of. The most recent example of this, in the sports world, is just a couple of weeks ago when Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed mid-game.

Following the emergency on field, the sports world joined together in prayer and well wishes for Hamlin, his family and those near and dear to him. It was a collective act of love and service displayed by many.

Now, Hamlin is recovering well and has even consistently made his way around the Bills facility. His recovery is nothing short of incredible, but all went as well as it could have, and according to plan, thanks to the trainers and first responders that day.

If it hadn’t been for those responding and performing CPR, Hamlin’s outcome could have been different. The Packers organization know this, and thus are demonstrating action to ensure their community is safe if anything like this were to happen.

The Packers honored Damar Hamlin well in a grand gesture, donating $100,000 of medical equipment

Wednesday, it was made known that the Packers had donated enough money to cover the cost of roughly 80 Automated External Defibrillators. These AED devices will be given to schools and recreational sports leagues in the Green Bay area, in hopes to help if a situation like Hamlin’s should ever arise.

Packers President Mark Murphy had this to say about the gesture:

“After seeing Damar Hamlin’s shocking cardiac arrest and witnessing the incredible response from the emergency personnel and medical professionals who treated him, we recognized our responsibility to take action in our own community.”

Murphy and the Packers are not the first sports organization to recognize more awareness being needed when it comes to this type of emergency. The New Orleans Saints and Pelicans also donated similar equipment in the wake of Hamlin’s circumstances.