Tom Brady’s teammates think they know his Bucs fate

Tom Brady, Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Tom Brady, Buccaneers (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Some of Tom Brady’s teammates think that he signaled at least part of his decision as the season ended.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady enters the offseason with a lot to mull over and a massive decision to make… Again. The 20-plus-year veteran briefly retired last year but returned for another season to attempt another run at a Super Bowl ring.

The season did not go as planned, as we know. Brady experienced his first losing season, but since he was in a bad division, still qualified for the playoffs, only to get bounced by the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card round.

So, where does that put Brady? There are multiple options.

  1. Run it back with the Buccaneers, re-signing with the team.
  2. Run it back with a different team.
  3. Retire and finally relax.
  4. Retire and pick up a broadcasting job that is ostensibly waiting for him.

We now know that options two and four are most likely. Three was never actually in the running.

Tom Brady’s teammates think he’s done with Buccaneers

According to a report from NFL insider Ian Rapoport, Brady’s Bucs teammates think, based on their interactions and observations of him at the end of the year, he’s done with Tampa Bay.

"“Yet several players already have a feeling which direction he is leaning. Based on their final interactions with Brady, it felt to them as if Brady was leaving Tampa with no intention to return.”"

Rapoport also gave context around his upcoming decision:

"“According to those close to him, Brady wants to head into his few weeks of decision-making time with an open mind. He’ll attempt to spend time with his children, allow the emotions to hit him and consider his options.”"

After this year, it’s difficult to envision a way forward for Brady in the league. He was aggrieved more than ever before this season and his age finally started to show. Is it really worth another year of little family time to learn a new organization, system, and teammates to maybe get a little deeper in the playoffs?

At this point, the outcome is anyone’s guess. Including Brady’s.

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