Micah Parsons clowns Eagles after ridiculous Christian McCaffrey TD run

Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons. (Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports)
Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons. (Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons seemed to enjoy watching the Eagles flail around trying, and failing, to tackle Christian McCaffrey in the playoffs.

The largest swath of people rooting for the 49ers outside of San Francisco might be in Dallas right now. And Micah Parsons is one of them.

The Philadelphia Eagles, the Cowboys’ bitter rival, were playing in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday against the 49ers for the right to go to the Super Bowl.

No Cowboys fan wants to see the Eagles have that kind of success again, so watching Christian McCaffrey tear through Philly’s defense was a high point.

Parsons weighed in with some laughter on Twitter.

“Lol eagles don’t want to tackle lol wow,” Parsons tweeted.

Micah Parsons joined Cowboys fans in enjoying Eagles tackling woes

Parsons isn’t afraid to speak his thoughts on Twitter. Earlier in the game, he noted how the Eagles were “dominating up front.” So he’s not completely biased. He is just unfiltered. It’s also pretty clear he enjoyed that play by McCaffrey coming at the expense of the Eagles.

Granted, Parsons would definitely rather be on the field on Sunday than sitting at home watching the game and tweeting about it. The Cowboys lost to the 49ers in the Divisional Round, 19-12. Parsons had four tackles, a pass defense and a QB hurry in that game, but it wasn’t enough to will his team to victory.

Meanwhile, the Eagles blasted the Giants to punch their ticket to the NFC Championship Game. The Cowboys haven’t made it that far in the playoffs since 1996. It’s Parsons’ job to change that but he’ll have to wait until next season to take the field again in Dan Quinn’s defense. For now, all he and Cowboys fans can do is watch how the rest of the playoffs play out.

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