Jordan Love builds chemistry with Packers teammates in life post-Aaron Rodgers

Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

Jordan Love is looking to build chemistry with his Green Bay Packers teammates in a post-Aaron Rodgers world.

With Aaron Rodgers wishing to be traded to the New York Jets, Jordan Love is looking to build up the rapport with his Green Bay Packers teammates on the offensive side of the football.

Rodgers has said on many occasions how good of a teammate Love is. He may have been his backup for the last three years, but Rodgers clearly does not harbor any animosity towards the guy drafted to take his job. Rodgers has accepted the Packers want to move on without him, so it is in his best interest to want to play for a contending team needing a quarterback like the Jets do.

As Gang Green and The Pack try to work out a trade to get Rodgers to East Rutherford, Love is bringing Aaron Jones, Christian Watson and Romeo Doubs to California to work out together and get their timing down. There could be more Packers players joining this group in California, but having the star running back and two promising receivers is still a huge positive.

The question is if the Packers will be patient with Love in his first year as the starting quarterback.

Jordan Love building chemistry with Green Bay Packers teammates this spring

We are going to approach this news positively, and only positively. There is no reason to tear down Rodgers in this. The NFL is at its core a business and it serves both parties to move on. Rodgers brought Packers fans a ton of joy over the better part of two decades, including their most recent Super Bowl win in 2010. His personality is not for everyone, but he does genuinely love football.

As for what Love is doing in bringing some of his teammates to work out with him in California, this is not unique, but good on him still doing it. When Doubs and Watson were drafted, you would be lying to yourself in thinking those guys were going to be players Green Bay picked for Rodgers; they were for Love. As for Jones, Love is smart in knowing he will need to lean on his running back.

Overall, news of these four Packers teammates working out together in California signifies the beginning of a new era of Green Bay football. It is going to be so weird not seeing No. 12 trot out there onto the Frozen Tundra in green and yellow in December, but that is just the way it goes sometimes. The Packers have thought highly of Love for years, but he remains mostly unproven.

Regardless, the Packers need this chemistry to develop fast or this year’s team could be terrible.

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