Davante Adams desperately trying to save face with Raiders

Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /

Davante Adams had highly critical comments about the Raiders, but now he’s clearly trying to do some damage control in the aftermath. 

It was just last offseason that Davante Adams was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders, putting the wide receiver in a position to team up once again with former Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr. The results, of course, were not what the organization hoped for when they made such an aggressive luxury move.

After the 6-11 season, the Raiders have shaken things up, clearly taking a step back in where they believe they are with roster-building. Carr is gone, now signed in New Orleans, while Las Vegas has landed on Jimmy Garoppolo to helm their offense.

With all of these changes, Adams voiced pretty hefty criticism of the front office and coaching staff, saying that he didn’t “see eye-to-eye” on the best way for the Raiders to succeed, but that he was going to try and buy in and be positive, noting that it was not what the receiver expected but that it was the “reality”.

Those comments, of course, made some waves and had some questioning Adams’ future in Las Vegas.

Raiders news: Davante Adams working damage control after criticizing front office, team’s plan

In light of any backlash, though, Adams made a savvy veteran social media move to try and do some damage control and save face. Not long after his comments were made public, he posted an Instagram story featuring him and Raiders general manager Dave Ziegler together, calling Ziegler “the man”.

While Adams may be interested in putting forth the image that everything is good, it’s worth noting that the one thing he hasn’t done is refute or backtrack the critical comments that he made. As such, it stands to reason that he’s simply trying to smooth things over, not erase that sentiment.

And really, it’s a tough position for Adams. When he arrived to the Raiders, the message the trade sent was that Vegas was intent on trying to contend right now — they don’t make that type of expensive deal if that’s not the case. So with the team missing the playoffs by a mile and now changing course, the receiver has every right to be a little miffed at the situation.

Does that mean his time with the Raiders will come to an end sooner than expected? Does it mean he’s going to play through his unhappiness with the situation? Will he try to force the Raiders into another move? It’s impossible to say, but the whole situation is undeniably one to keep an eye on throughout the rest of the offseason.

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