New Warriors GM lays out 3 biggest needs for next season

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Mike Dunleavy Jr. will be thrown right into the fire, taking over as Warriors GM just days before the draft and free agency. What can he accomplish?

The new GM of the Warriors, Mike Dunleavy Jr. has given out his three bullet point goals for the Warriors this offseason during his first presser with the team media. He was recently hired as GM of the Warriors after Bob Myers ended up leaving the franchise.

According to Kerith Burke, the Warriors’ three bullets point for this off-season are “more shooting, which he described as more versatility”, “More connectivity, as in ball-handling, passing, veteran experience”, and that ringing back Draymond Green would be “huge”.

It seems like the first two bullets point are very achievable. This seems to signal that the team will try to compete for now rather than play out the two timelines. It seems like last season really seemed to break up the two timelines for the Warriors.

For luxury tax reasons, it seems like the Warriors will at least try to push for the present timeline rather than try to build a dynasty in the future. Jordan Poole really struggled in the playoffs and they were forced to trade James Wiseman, which adds uncertainty to the future.

What does this mean for Draymond Green and his future with the Warriors?

I have written extensively about what I think will happen with Draymond Green. At the end of the day, it will come down to whether Green wants to maximize his earning potential. The Rockets will most likely give Green a full four-year max as they try to pivot from tanking to competitiveness.

The Warriors will most likely a offer max deal fewer years on it than the Rockets will. If the report from Jason Dumas is true, it seems like Green will end up staying with the team as long as the Warriors offer the right number of years.

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