Kevin Durant’s latest Tweet comes with a hilarious challenge for fans

Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports)
Kevin Durant, Phoenix Suns (Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) /

Kevin Durant is a star on the court and on the web. The NBA’s most prolific tweeter is taking his Twitter game to a new app. 

Phoenix Suns forward Kevin Durant is arguably the greatest scorer of his generation. No player his size can move and shoot so effortlessly. The not-so-secretly 7-foot tall Durant has the league’s most unguardable jumper. He can handle in tight spaces, operate flawlessly in the post, even run pick-and-roll. His growth over the years has been astonishing to watch.

The 13-time All-Star, four-time scoring champ, and two-time NBA champion is beyond reproach on the court. Off the court, he tends to run afoul of certain corners of the media, not to mention the NBA fandom at large.

Kevin Durant is the NBA’s foremost tweeter. The man loves to engage with fans, with critics, with supporters. It fuels him, evidently. He’s one of the few high-profile celebrities who will pop into random twitter threads to make his point.

Now, he’s making the move to (or at least splitting his time between Twitter and) Threads, the new Facebook-Instagram owned Twitter knockoff.

Kevin Durant challenges fans to find his new social media burner account

With Twitter in shambles over the weekend due to everyone’s exceeded rate limit, a new app has conveniently sprung into existence in the social media sphere. “Threads” is basically Twitter by way of Facebook, and Kevin Durant is already making the rounds… on his burner account.

Durant was famously embroiled in burner account controversy a few years ago. Rather than make him shy away from social media, it only empowered the superstar to increase his presence on Twitter. He’s like a tweeting hydra — expose one burner account, and five more pop up.

KD’s increasing willingness to engage with fans on his actual account probably limits the need for a burner, but even Durant has opinions he’d like to keep off the record. Now fans can allegedly find those off-the-record opinions on Threads, you just won’t know it’s Durant.

Will Durant ever grow beyond the need to pettily argue with fans on the internet? Probably not. And that’s just fine. The NBA is the high school lunchroom of sports leagues, full of unnecessary drama and social angst. That’s just how we like it.

Will Threads ever truly take off? We can’t know for sure. The state of Twitter is ever-changing these days but it’s hard to leave home. A lot of NBA fans — and players — have built their homes on Twitter.

But, rest assured. Wherever the discourse goes, Kevin Durant will follow. He’s still a warrior at heart and he won’t let the NBA twitter faithful down.

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