MLB rumors: 3 teams reported to be buyers at deadline and what they want

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Seattle Mariners hoping to play spoiler at MLB trade deadline

OK, shocker here… The Seattle Mariners figured to be sellers at this year’s trade deadline. Maybe it’s mojo from playing host for this week’s MLB All-Star Weekend, but the Mariners think a 7-3 run in their last 10 proves they can make a comeback and get right back into the action. Maybe they’re right?

Seattle already sent out Chris Flexen and Trevor Gott to the New York Mets weeks ago, which seemed to indicate they were ready to pack it in and sell this deadline. Instead, Bob Nightengale reports they’re jumping into the buyer pool.

The problem is, they’re looking for one thing that everyone else wants: A starting pitcher.

Nightengale also reports Seattle wants another bat, which would be easier to come by.

Seattle, a clear seller just weeks ago, jumping into the buyer market tells you everything you need to know about how the trade deadline is shaping up this year. Sellers are unclear, and becoming more sparse by the day. It’s setting up for a trade deadline where there is much demand and very limited supply. If few trades end up going down, which is how it’s looking now, teams that built well in the offseason will be rewarded, while teams that had poor offseasons and relied on making trades and signings in-season will surely be punished.

That is, if their existing team can’t make a massive turnaround, as it seems as if some organizations believe is possible.

A resounding message from multiple executives has been that they feel the team is better than has performed, and there is faith that they’ll turn it around.

Perhaps that’s smoke screening, but it’s been a more persistent message this year than ever before.