NFL rumors: Josh Jacobs was painfully close to signing contract extension

Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders. (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images)
Josh Jacobs, Las Vegas Raiders. (Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images) /

It remains to be seen when Josh Jacobs will suit up for the Las Vegas Raiders again.

Josh Jacobs could not have been any closer to signing an extension with the Las Vegas Raiders.

The former star running back out of Alabama has spent his entire pro career with the Silver and Black. When he’s really cooking, Jacobs can be the best running back in football. Though maybe not as consistent as other AFC standouts like Nick Chubb or Derrick Henry, who is really? Regardless, Jacobs is yet another star running back getting the shaft by the franchise he plays for over money.

Tom Pelissero of The NFL Network reported that Jacobs was sitting in a car outside of the Raiders facility with teammate Maxx Crosby at the deadline, eagerly anticipating that a deal got done…

Davante Adams may be the most talented, but Jacobs and Crosby are the two pillars of the team.

This is just so incredibly sad because, you know, deep down, Jacobs wanted to make this work…

Josh Jacobs was this close to signing contract extension with Las Vegas Raiders

Look. These things happen, but this just sucks. You want people who want to be with you. While the Raiders have certainly had more downs than ups as a franchise this century, they have good players, but just can never seem to get out of their own way. This is the NFL‘s rebel franchise, and we’re so damn lucky to have them, but Jesus, get it together, Vegas… You just feel for Jacobs here.

While it remains to be seen if the Josh McDaniels/Dave Ziegler era of Raiders football amounts to much of anything, much what the previous regime so fascinating remains. Yes, Derek Carr now plays for the New Orleans Saints and yes, Darren Waller plays for the New York Giants, but you have to be all about guys like Crosby and Jacobs, because who else is worth celebrating this much?

Overall, I think it will work out between both parties. Jacobs wants to be with the Raiders, and eventually, the seemingly always cash-strapped Raiders are just going to have to figure it out. What is the alternative? Let Jacobs walk in a year and he closes out his illustrious prime for some one else? The Raiders don’t have a ton of great running backs in their history, but he sure is one.

May something get sorted out between both parties so we can see Jacobs do what he does best.

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