Justin Verlander trade: 4 teams that could trade for Mets star ranked least to most likely

Justin Verlander, Mets (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)
Justin Verlander, Mets (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Justin Verlander is almost certainly going to be an outgoing piece before the MLB trade deadline on Tuesday. These three teams make the most sense.

Max Scherzer hinted at a trade, and not even 24 hours later, he was gone. The New York Mets have made it clear after trading Scherzer and David Robertson that they will be massive sellers during the 2023 MLB trade deadline period after disappointing tremendously thus far this season.

Certainly, Justin Verlander is likely next. If the Mets are selling, pitchers will be the first to go, as it’s a need for plenty of teams looking to add at this year’s deadline. He was also rumored to be a possible outgoing piece before Scherzer.

The signal has been sent with the Scherzer move that the Mets will sell, so look for Verlander to move next.

Four teams stand out as logical destinations. Here they are, ranked by likelihood (as I see it, and based on the rumors thus far), from least to most likely.

Justin Verlander trade destinations: Texas Rangers

The Rangers were thought to be very interested in Verlander before they eventually nabbed the other Mets ace, Max Scherzer, on Saturday afternoon.

Now that the deal is official, they have little need for Verlander.

There may be a remote possibility the Rangers look to add both pitchers, but the likelihood feels slim.

Don’t count it out entirely, though. The Rangers were still looking at other starting pitchers (albeit less expensive ones) on Saturday as the Scherzer deal was more or less complete.