STL Cardinals injury update: Is late scratch signal infielder will be traded today?

St. Louis Cardinals, MLB trade rumors (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
St. Louis Cardinals, MLB trade rumors (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

A St. Louis Cardinals infielder was scratched late from the lineup on Sunday. Is he going to be traded?

Ahead of Sunday afternoon’s home game against the Chicago Cubs, the St. Louis Cardinals made an adjustment to their lineup.

While it could be nothing, any late scratch from the lineup when we’re just days away from the MLB trade deadline (Tuesday, 6 p.m.) is going to catch people’s attention and make them wonder if the player is being pulled for inclusion in a trade.

Sunday’s scratch is second baseman Nolan Gorman:

So, is Gorman going to be traded today?

Nolan Gorman scratched from lineup, but does not appear to be for a trade

FanSided’s Senior MLB Insider Robert Murray told me he does not believe the Gorman scratch on Sunday is related to a locked-in trade. Since Gorman has had some back tightness for a bit, it tracks that this is a routine injury scratch that the Cardinals made a decision on after going through pregame warmups on Sunday.

The Cardinals, though, do appear to be a team setting up for an absolutely massive haul of return at the deadline. They reportedly have teams, “tripping over themselves,” trying to acquire some of the Cardinals’ most sellable assets, which bodes well for what St. Louis may get at the deadline.

Gorman, thus far, hasn’t been a main name listed in trade talks, but it would be unsurprising to see most infielders other than Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt moved by Tuesday.

So far it looks like no trade for Gorman, but that could change in an instant. Keep your head on a swivel and locked here!

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