College football realignment rumors: Is the Pac-12’s only lifeline the ACC?

Pac-12. (Photo by David Madison/Getty Images)
Pac-12. (Photo by David Madison/Getty Images) /

The only way the Pac-12 can be saved is if the college football conference links up with the ACC in a super weird merger of sorts.

Don’t be shocked if the ACC comes in to Dale Denton save the Pac-12 from a Saul Silver fate.

After Oregon and Washington hit George Kliavkoff in the face with a coffee pot, the Pac-12 is lying on the bathroom floor like Red did with a bloodied face, sipping on a wine cooler, eatin’ ‘sghetti and crankin’ some Bone Thugs. Thus, we are at a Crossroads in the latest wave of college football realignment. Now tell me whatcha gonna do when there ain’t nowhere to run? Let’s link up, baby!

As odd as it sounds, an ACC/Pac-12 merger just might work for us like it did Lindsay and Tobias.

So would the Pac-12 leftovers merge with an ACC to make a compelling league worth watching?

This has the potential to be the best bad idea we have seen since location scouting for Argo.

College football realignment rumors: Let’s combine the ACC and the Pac-12!

So with the ACC having the worst media rights deal, outside of the one the dumb dummies in the Pac-12 that they couldn’t figure out, I think this arranged marriage could work out better than ones where people who actually love each other. Instead of patting the doc, we can rip it shreds like Greg the Egg did on Thanksgiving Day for that insufferable Tom guy who is about to get Shiv’d.

One would think the Pac-12 leftovers would include Washington State, Oregon State, Utah, Arizona State, Cal and Stanford. This would assume Arizona would follow Colorado into the new Big 12. So that is six Pac-12 leftovers plus 14 ACC schools. Even if the ACC were to lose schools like Clemson, Florida State, North Carolina and Virginia in time, there is enough to make it work.

With their powers combined, they are not Captain Planet, but rather the Bicoastal Elite Conference. What up, BEC?! In doing so, the ACC could get out of its god-awful monstrosity of a media rights deal with Disney. It would also give the undefeated so much-needed West Coast night game inventory. I cannot wait to see Pitt take on Oregon State in Corvallis for all the marbles.

There is so much to unpack here over the weekend, but an ACC/Pac-12 merger is not a bad idea.

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