Tim Anderson takes another L after Ramirez punch in now-deleted Tweet

Tim Anderson, Cleveland Guardians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images)
Tim Anderson, Cleveland Guardians (Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images) /

An old Tweet of Tim Anderson’s was brought back to light after the White Sox player took a punch from Jose Ramirez on Saturday night.

Punches flew between Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox stars Jose Ramirez and Tim Anderson, but only Ramirez had a punch good enough to land. Unfortunately, it put Anderson on his rear, and, though the fight was entirely unofficial, made Ramirez the winner of the contest.

The fight sparked a benches-clearing brawl on Saturday night between two teams that have basically nothing to play for. No matter, an in-division rivalry that boils over this much is great entertainment for fans regardless of who is involved.

Of course, we’d rather it play out on the field, but emotions run high and things boil over from time to time. This isn’t new, after all.

Unfortunately for Anderson, the punch he took from Ramirez was not his only L of the night.

Tim Anderson’s deleted Tweet is another L after Jose Ramirez punch

First, the “fight,” which I put in quotation marks because baseball fights are always more or less laughable. Anderson truly did not hold his own here, though, flailing on consecutive punches.

Ramirez defended himself with crafty dodges of Anderson’s attempts before landing his arm on Anderson’s jaw and sending Anderson off his balance to the ground. The worst Ramirez got was a light hit to the torso at the end that Anderson barely appeared to land.

Talkin’ Baseball dug up a Tweet from 2012 when Anderson said, “Hook, Right #Goodnight #TKO”

Of course, this one caught traction and took off. Fans replied, quote-Tweeted, and did whatever they could to rag on Anderson for this now-very-topical 11-year-old Tweet being weaponized against him.

Anderson quickly took the Tweet down, taking his second L of the night.

At least the Sox won, 7-4, so he didn’t have to stack three straight Ls.

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