Joel Klatt does not want to hear the ‘Texas is back’ hype

Steve Sarkisian, Texas Longhorns. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Steve Sarkisian, Texas Longhorns. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt wants to be all-in on Texas this year, but he can’t, and for good reasons.

When The Smiths penned “Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before“, the iconic English rock band was so ahead of the curve that they saw the future and knew all about Texas football post-Mack Brown…

While I have no earthly idea if FOX Sports’ Joel Klatt is Team Johnny Marr or Team Morrissey (What Difference Does It Make?), we are all in the same boat about Texas, bruh. It’s like we’re living out that meme of that stick-figured dude point at sticking at an object and demanding it do something. Oh, Texas will do something, alright. Unfortunately, it usually bad or ugly over good…

Klatt let it be known exactly how he feels about Texas football this season on The Joel Klatt Show.

"“They’re the best team in the Big 12, stop me if you’ve heard that before in the last decade. I’m starting to get fed up with Texas before the season. And I like [Steve Sarkisian]. I like Quinn Ewers. I like this team. 10 starters back on offense, should be dynamic in that respect. They were a pretty good defense last year, they just didn’t win tight ball games. If they can fix that, which they should, through experience, making those plays when they need to, they’ll land in the Big 12 Championship Game.”"

I like Steve Sarkisian and Quinn Ewers, too. I just hate that they are the Texas Underachievers.

"“(The) best rosters usually win championship games. They should win the Big 12 Championship. Their roster suggests that they’re the best team in the conference and that they should compete for a playoff spot.”"

We all feel like we’re taking crazy pills. Texas continues to give itself the 70-3 treatment when it comes to even modest expectations. It has been a very long time since 2005, and Klatt know this!

"“But guess what? They’re still Texas. They’re still Texas. And by the way, I’ve been a bit of a cheerleader for Texas, and that’s why I’m so upset, even before they play a game, like perpetually underachieving this team. And this is a team that will go through a schedule which they should be able to manage. Obviously, the most difficult one being at Tuscaloosa. The problem is that there are enough teams in the Big 12 that are just like tough, tough outs.”"

You can watch this episode of The Joel Klatt Show where he basically tells Texas to s**t or get off the pot right here.

And Klatt is absolutely right in that this should be the season where the Longhorns win the Big 12.

The bigger questions in all this are will they or better yet, why on god’s green earth won’t they?!

Joel Klatt is so incredibly tired of hearing how much Texas is back once again

The Longhorns have a tremendous opportunity before conference play kicks off. Should they defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide in Week 2, it could set up a magical season in Austin. Again, the Longhorns are dripping with talent and have recruited at a high level under Sarkisian. If all goes well, then Ewers will be one of several first-round picks at the quarterback position this spring.

Unfortunately, I expect that the Longhorns will get everyone’s best effort during their final season in the Big 12. Factor in how utterly atrocious arch-rival Oklahoma was in year one under Brent Venables, and they could be primed to upset UT in Dallas in October. Frankly, Texas needs to win about 10 games this year for everyone in Austin to feel confident about Sarkisian ahead of 2024.

Ultimately, we need to see more consistency out of a program that is consistently inconsistent. No monkey business, just ball! If Texas can play with confidence and more importantly, within itself, the Longhorns should be good enough to play in a meaningful bowl game, maybe reaching the final four-team College Football Playoff for the first time in school history. Do it and Texas is back!

For now, the best way to predict the future is to look to the past. Texas has a rough history of late.

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