3 Chicago Cubs most to blame for untimely Braves sweep

The Chicago Cubs entered a three-game series against the Braves with playoff aspirations. However, after suffering a sweep, their playoff dreams are rapidly fading, mirroring their ongoing downward spiral as the postseason draws near.

Chicago Cubs v Atlanta Braves
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No. 2 Chicago Cub most to blame for Braves sweep: Cubs Offense

The whole Cubs offense collapsed during the series. They were unable to score when it mattered most despite hitting better than the Braves. Hitters were quite inconsistent and were unable to create runs due to a terrible lineup.

In Game 1, the Cubs lost 6-7, with the main factor of the loss coming from a Seiya Suzuki error. Overall, the team as a whole failed as they had thirteen hits and four walks, but they were only able to score six runs. The Braves had five fewer hits and still had more runs. With runners in scoring position, they went 6-16, leaving nine on base.

During Game 2, they failed even more, with Nico Hoerner going 0-5, Seiya Suzuki going 0-4, and even more batters like Jeimer Candelario going 0-3 and Miles Mastrobuoni going 0-4. Those four batters alone went 0-16.

Game 2 was an absolute failure for the Cubs. They had seven hits and three walks but were only able to score five runs, while continuing to strikeout, racking up ten. The lineup has much talent but continues to falter when it matters most, leaving seven runners on base, going 1-8 with runners in scoring position.

In Game 3, the only one able to get an extra-base hit was Suzuki. He was the only one that did much as the bottom four hitters in the lineup, Swanson, Candelario, Gomes, and Mastrobuoni all went cold. Those four went 0-14 with five strikeouts, a walk, and a hit-by-pitch.

In this final game, it wasn't even the offense that was the major problem. It was also the defense that allowed Marcus Stroman to give up two unearned runs. They left six runners on base, going 1-6 with runners in scoring position, but the whole lineup struggled, only getting six hits and two walks along with a hit-by-pitch to Swanson.