3 Los Angeles Dodgers playing their way off the postseason roster

The 2023 MLB postseason is going to start soon, and the Dodgers need to set their roster. Some players could luck into a spot, but these three shouldn't be part of it.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Seattle Mariners
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The Los Angeles Dodgers are headed for the playoffs and have another World Series appearance in their sights. The last step in preparation is figuring out who should be on the postseason roster and the recent performance of a few players could keep them off it.

Dodgers playing their way off the postseason roster: 3. Emmet Sheehan

Emmet Sheehan has not earned a spot on the playoff roster. In his little bit of playing time, he has done nothing but disappoint. Sheehan has struggled so badly in the most recent game that he came out of the bullpen instead of staying as a starting pitcher.

He has pitched in 11 games with nine starts, but in that little time, he has struggled massively with an ERA of 5.44. In those games, he pitched 49.2 innings, and his main problem has been that he can't find the strike zone. In those innings, he has thrown 854 pitches, of which 541 were strikes. He has only thrown a strike 63.41 percent of the time showing his struggle. But even at Triple-A, he struggled to find the strike zone. And he is currently giving up nearly seven and a half walks per nine innings.

He started his career off well. In his first three starts, he pitched 17 innings while recording an ERA of 2.65 and going 2-0. In his second month, July, he pitched in four games with one-third more innings but had an ERA of 8.83 and somehow had a record of 1-1. Even when the hitter is ahead, he has an opponent average of .239, but even when it's an even count, he has a lower average at .177.