4 Vikings QB targets to make good on Kwesi Adofo-Mensah's promise to Justin Jefferson

The Minnesota Vikings want to pay Justin Jefferson like one of the best non-QBs in football. To justify that investment, there needs to be a solid plan at QB.

Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings
Justin Jefferson, Minnesota Vikings / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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1. Vikings can (and maybe should) simply re-sign Kirk Cousins

This is still on the table, and it's clear both sides want a reunion deep down. Cousins has been excellent in Minnesota over the last six years. Before the injury, he was putting up MVP-type numbers for the Vikes, completing 69.5 percent of his passes for 2,331 yards, 18 touchdowns, and five interceptions in eight starts.

We cannot tiptoe around the age and injury question marks, but Cousins has never been too reliant on his legs. So long as he regains enough confidence in his knee to stand tall in the pocket and deliver on-target passes, he should be able to regain productive form. Cousins plays a style that should age well relative to the more overtly athletic QBs, plus his familiarity with the Vikings' offense (and Justin Jefferson) is a huge plus.

The Vikings are clearly convinced that Jefferson is a foundational piece. He is. It only makes sense to tailor the roster to him, which could be as simple as keeping the only starting NFL QB Jefferson has ever known in-house. Cousins has done nothing to dissuade the Vikings from paying him other than get hurt. The risk of guaranteeing Cousins three or four years of money at this stage of his career is pronounced, but Super Bowl teams generally need to take financial risks. The Vikings simply are not going to land a better QB, either via trade or via free agency. Cousins is the best available option. That is why money is a problem.

Jefferson is plenty capable of adjusting to a new quarterback and thriving under different circumstances. The Vikings shouldn't pay Cousins if the demands get too outlandish or the medical outlook is too dicey. That said, in a vacuum, Cousins is easily the best opening day starter on this list. The future merits consideration as well, but with Jefferson set to earn a premium salary, the Vikings should be more focused on capitalizing on their current competitive window.

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