Andy Reid has inarguable, wholesome advice for Travis Kelce's relationship with Taylor Swift

Andy Reid might be an incredible NFL coach, but he's also adept at navigating interpersonal relationships.

Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability
Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has found success as a head coach in multiple stops and is chasing his third Super Bowl victory this Sunday. Being a head coach under the shield is a complicated and tough undertaking that requires you to be skilled in many different areas.

Strategy and schematics are important to have a good feel for. Being creative and finding oblique ways to tackle common problems is necessary. Coaches also need to be savvy with public relations as, for better or worse, they often become the team's primary spokesperson.

But most of all, coaching requires you to be skilled at understanding and navigating relationships. It's hard to lead a group of 53 people plus a coaching staff without having some sort of feel for the personal touch side of things.

So it's no surprise that, asked about Travis Kelce's quite famous romantic relationship, he had simple yet quality advice.

Andy Reid has advice for Travis Kelce's public-facing relationship with Taylor Swift

During Super Bowl week, the media responsibilities are bigger and more popular than any other week. As such, there's lots of space for more questions for coaches and players that speak to the human interest side of things vs just being football-focused.

Reid was asked if he had any advice for Travis Kelce and his relationship with Taylor Swift, which has been a popular theme of Kansas City's season, as Swift has attended plenty of Chiefs games to support her new romantic partner.

Reid said it simply: "Just treat her like a queen."

It's genuinely impossible to argue with that approach. Treating your partner with respect and admiration? You're probably never going to go wrong there.

Kelce and the Chiefs will play the Niners on Sunday in the Super Bowl for all the marbles. Whether or not Swift will be there, well, that's another question that has yet to be answered.

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