Bills make sure key offensive flight risk is locked down for 2024

The Buffalo Bills have secured a key piece of their late 2023 offensive reboot for next season.

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders
Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders / G Fiume/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills failed to reach a Super Bowl yet again in 2023, and their battle to finally reach one -- much less win one -- in the Josh Allen era becomes more of an uphill climb with every passing year. Allen should have a long prime, but the Bills use up an entire year of it every time they face defeat in the AFC playoffs.

Furthermore, the salary cap situation tends to get tougher and tougher to manage for teams like these. The Bills will need to draft extremely wisely in order to keep the team built well around Allen.

This year, in particular, was nearly entirely wasted. After 12 games the Bills were 6-6 and on the outside looking into the playoff picture. Then, they fired offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey, and the offense woke up. They made the postseason, only for another early exit.

Bills remove interim tag from Joe Brady's job title

Joe Brady, who was promoted as the interim offensive coordinator in the stead of Dorsey's firing, immediately became a household name among NFL circles, tabbed as a possible OC hire for other teams. The Falcons even interviewed him for their head coaching role while it was vacant before hiring Raheem Morris.

Dorsey's offense scored 1.9 touchdowns on 254 passing yards and 117 rushing yards (371 all purpose) per game. Brady's averaged 1.4 touchdowns per game on 231 passing yards and 150 rushing yards (381 all purpose) per game. More importantly, the Bills were 6-1 with Brady as OC compared to Dorsey's 5-5.

He had done so well with turning the Bills offense around that he was clearly ripe for picking for other teams. Buffalo isn't letting him leave, at least not yet, securing him as the offensive coordinator (no "interim" title anymore) for next year.

If Brady continues to perform, the Bills better have a backup plan in mind. They took a step or two back when Brian Daboll was hired away as the head coach of the Giants, and that struggle ate up a year and a half of Allen's prime.


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