Cody Bellinger willing to take risk with Scott Boras that Montgomery won’t

Jordan Montgomery recently fired Scott Boras as his agent. Cody Bellinger has received calls from other agencies but says he's staying with Boras.
Chicago Cubs v Arizona Diamondbacks
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Last week, new Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Jordan Montgomery made the decision to leave Scott Boras and hire Wasserman Media Group to be his new agency.

Montgomery was the last major free agent available just two days before Opening Day, and he ultimately received a one-year, $25 million contract from the Diamondbacks.

The veteran left-hander was originally expected to receive a five-year deal north of $100 million. However, his free agency dragged out until March 26.

After Montgomery's departure from the Boras Corporation, Chicago Cubs slugger and outfielder Cody Bellinger received several calls from other agencies trying to recruit him. However, he chose to remain with Boras.

"I've definitely gotten blown up. But I've confirmed multiple times that I'm definitely not leaving," said Bellinger. "I've told Scott that. I had nothing but positive experiences through the whole process."

Bellinger keeps faith in Boras, says he's staying after Montgomery's departure

Bellinger was one of the "Boras Four" this past offseason, joining Montgomery, Blake Snell, and Matt Chapman as players who were unsigned when spring training began.

Bellinger remained with the Cubs, signing a three-year, $80 million deal that includes opt-out clauses after each of the first two seasons, meaning he could return to free agency this coming offseason.

However, it's clear that he still has faith in Boras and wants to remain with his current agent. Montgomery had obviously lost faith in Boras following a very slow offseason with multiple Boras clients not signing until spring training was underway.

But Bellinger is standing firm despite how slowly his market moved.

The Cubs slugger earned Comeback Player of the Year honors in the National League after a resurgent season in 2023. He hit .307 with 26 home runs, 97 RBI, and an .881 OPS in 130 games last year.

If he puts up similar numbers, it's very likely that he will test the market again in hopes of getting a more lucrative, long-term deal.