College Football Playoff commissioners are already discussing further expansion

The College Football Playoff commissioners are looking to expand the playoff even more after getting it to 12 teams.

2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama
2022 CFP National Championship - Georgia v Alabama / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

After already expanding to 12 teams this season, the College Football Playoff committee might be expanding even more.

According to Chris Vannini of the Athletic, the CFP commissioners have discussed growing the field to 14 or possibly more in 2026.

The non-Power Five conferences are pushing for the playoff to include auto-bids for schools that win conference championships.

The Playoff has always faced expansion talks since it was created as a four-team tournament in 2014. This is the first season that the college football world will be undergoing a twelve-team playoff with the first four seeds getting byes for the first round. The first five spots in the playoffs will automatically have schools that are the best-ranked conference champions. The others will be decided by the committee as group bids.

Even though the CFP just expanded to twelve in the recent past, is looking to expand to 14 or more a good idea?

Is the idea of a 14-team CFP a good idea?

To be quite honest, the Playoff is already a little too much with twelve schools in the big dance. Due to politics stemming around conference commissioners, having 12 schools in the tournament is probably the right number and keeps everyone happy enough for no big-power players to lead an uprising.

Yes, Notre Dame has no way to get an auto-bid with the school being an independent. Still, if the Irish are good enough to win a championship, they should be able to beat every program regardless of them having a bye or not in the first round. Although the school has no road to get a first-round bye, the school would only have to join a conference to create that road.

At the end of the day, the current format is more than good enough for every FBS program in the country. It's very likely that any football program that actually deserves or plays well enough to be in the conversation for the national championship will now have an extremely great chance to win it.

Yes, some independents might end up losing out on a first-round bye but at the very least, they will have an actual fair chance to win a national title. With this in mind, here's hoping that the playoff doesn't expand to 14 teams and get more out of hand.

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