3 reasons Cowboys are legitimate Super Bowl contenders, 1 they’re not

The Dallas Cowboys have started 2-0 with an aggregate score of 70-10. They are starting to look like viable Super Bowl contenders in all but one way.
New York Jets v Dallas Cowboys
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Why Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders: Dak Prescott is playing smarter

With what the defense and special teams did to the Giants in Week 1, Dak Prescott wasn't asked to do all that much. He only threw 24 passes, but was criticized somewhat for only completing 13 of those attempts for 143 yards with no touchdowns.

He was asked to do a bit more in the Week 2 win over the Jets, to be sure. Prescott threw 38 times, completing 31 of those passes for 255 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions. A good game, without question. But he's still through two weeks with only 62 total passing attempts and fewer than 400 passing yards.

What stands out with Dak to this point, however, is the clear comfort in this new offense under Mike McCarthy and Brian Schottenheimer. As a result, the quarterback looks to be playing much smarter. Part of that is definitely in comparison to last season when Prescott was heavily criticized for turnovers, but it also shows up on the film.

Prescott isn't forcing throws right now. He's targeting quality matchups with his group of weapons. And he's also taking what the defense gives him, which is more than enough with the playmakers around him.

Say what you will about the Jets in particular, but they still have a good defense -- and Dak picked them apart. He's yet to have a turnover and, while he won't be winning MVP or even be close based on how he's playing to this point, he's playing smart, mistake-free football that can help carry this talent-laden roster to the Promised Land.