Cowboys rumors: 3 players who won't be back next year and who can replace them

The Dallas Cowboys are reeling from another playoff failure, but with much of the previous team back, who is out the door and who could step in for them?

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Tyron Smith, OT; Replaced By: Amarius Mims

This one hurts for Cowboys fans. Tyron Smith has been with the franchise for 13 seasons. He only knows Cowboys football, and they are headed for a divorce. Smith is still playing at a very high level, but we assume the fact that they are here shows he is looking for a huge deal. The Cowboys could hit him with the franchise tag, but that could force the Cowboys to make some devastating decisions with the salary cap.

Instead, the Cowboys could look to build another great offensive line. Zack Martin is another player that is on his last leg with the franchise, but he's probably back. Smith dealt with injuries, and that risk just isn't good enough for a team looking to win the Super Bowl. They have to keep Dak Prescott upright. While Smith is amazing at that, if he isn't on the field, then it doesn't matter.

We stress again that the Cowboys are starting the offseason in the negatives in terms of salary cap dollars. So, they take the youth route to replace Smith. The 24th pick (where the Cowboys are selecting) might be a little high for Amarius Mims, but he is the right player with the right pick. The Georgia product would have been a higher pick if he didn't miss half of last season.

We understand how it might come off as hypocritical to let a veteran sign somewhere else for injuries but taking a rookie with similar risks, but Mims could be an all-timer at the tackle position. Yes, he lacks experience, but that's where the rest of this offensive line comes in. Mims is worthy of a first-round pick based on his size and athleticism. The Cowboys will fall in love with this kid.