Dan Mullen has the worst College Football Playoff rankings you’ll see this year

With the first playoff rankings coming out after this week, a popular ESPN analyst has made his first college football rankings of the season.

Capital One Orange Bowl - Virginia v Florida
Capital One Orange Bowl - Virginia v Florida / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

With Halloween days away, the entire college football world is getting ready to make playoff projections. One of ESPN's lead analysts, Dan Mullen has made a questionable ranking for the top four teams in college football.

Mullen has Ohio State, Florida State, Washington, and Oklahoma in his top four. The first two that he has out are Georgia and Michigan.

While all these teams are undefeated, it's very strange to see all of these four teams not be below the back-to-back defending champs.

While the Bulldogs have struggled at points this season, it feels right to give Georgia the No. 1 spot due to the fact that they are currently in the run for a dynasty.

What would the correct College Football Playoff rankings look like?

If Georgia wasn't coming off back-to-back national championships, then the school would probably not be the No. 1 team ranked in the AP poll. Still, the team is undefeated and has won two straight national championships. This means that no matter what, the Bulldogs should be ranked No. 1 in the country.

After Georgia, it's quite clear who is the second-best school in the country. With wins against Notre Dame and Penn State, the Buckeyes should be ranked as the second-best team in the country. The Buckeyes still have a matchup coming up practical playoff game against Michigan but the road is clear for Ohio State.

After the Buckeyes, Florida State is the logical choice for the third spot in the country. The Seminoles have wins against LSU and Duke. The near losses against Clemson and Boston College make it easy for other teams to make arguments for the third spot but for now, Florida State holds that spot.

The final spot should be decided between Washington or Oklahoma. Both of these squads have good wins against top teams but they have struggled against lesser schools. There might be a small argument for Michigan but the race for the final spot should include a team that has played tough schools.

To be quite honest, the rankings right now are just fun fan discussion. If any of these schools are able to stay undefeated, they will make the playoff. Yes, the first ranking does matter for positioning but for now, every top school can believe that they will win out the rest of their schedule.

If we somehow get to a situation where we have five or more undefeated schools, this will end up looking dumb but that's something for fans and players to worry about later. For now, the issue at hand is getting through their regular season undefeated. Still, it's fun to wonder exactly what Dan Mullen was thinking when he made these playoff rankings.

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