Deshaun Watson shoves referee after obvious personal foul call (Video)

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson shoved a referee on Monday Night Football against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson may have some character flaws, folks. During Monday Night Football against the Steelers, Watson was called for a personal foul when he stiff-armed a Pittsburgh defender in the facemask while heading out of bounds. Watson did not appear to agree with the call, hence his decision to make contact with the referee.

Normally, that kind of contact with an official would lead to an ejection, but the referees decided Watson's decision-making didn't warrant that kind of punishment.

With Nick Chubb injured, this is Deshaun Watson's team now. He has little to fall back on, and the Browns must trust his arm to get the job done in Pittsburgh and beyond.

Why wasn't Deshaun Watson ejected in Browns vs Steelers?

Watson was not ejected because the officials likely did not think the contact was purposeful. With the benefit of instant replay, of course, it's easy for us to say otherwise. Watson appears to extend his arms and shove one of the referees, which normally would warrant an ejection. However, for the officiating crew to make such a monumental call -- especially one against the quarterback -- they have to be absolutely certain. That wasn't the case here.

Frankly, Watson has a lot of pressure squarely on his shoulders now. Even if they win in Pittsburgh, Watson will be the lead man without much help the backfield. He will have to earn every penny of his contract without Nick Chubb as a potential outlet. Now, the Browns could very well sign or trade for a running back to help out their embattled QB, but this largely will be on Watson to take Cleveland to the postseason.