4 former Brewers free agents who could still reunite with Craig Counsell in Chicago

Could the Cubs bring more than Counsell to Chicago from Milwaukee? These free agents could certainly help the Cubs take the next step.

Chicago Cubs Introduce Craig Counsell as Manager
Chicago Cubs Introduce Craig Counsell as Manager / Matt Dirksen/GettyImages
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2. Josh Donaldson could reunite with Counsell in Chicago

Donaldson was drafted by the Cubs in 2007 out of Auburn University. He's gone on to play for several teams but it seems only fitting that Donaldson reunite with Counsell and play for the team that drafted him.

The 2015 AL MVP, a three-time All-Star and two-time Silver Slugger award winner, Donaldson struggled in his final months with the New York Yankees, who released him. The Brewers then picked him up to help in the last push to secure the NL Central.

Donaldson wants his final season to be remembered with something other than the 2023 season. He could join Counsell and the Cubs to play his last year in front of a fan base that will adore him in a park that could suit him nicely.

He could add a veteran presence to the Cubs' third basemen rotation. It's not likely Counsell will continue to employ that rotation moving forward. A player like Donaldson could create depth and add a bat to a pool of potential designated hitters.

While he does have a grizzled personality, he would be a legend with Cubs fans. Signing Donaldson is something the Cubs should consider.

1. Eric Lauer could reunite with Counsell in Chicago

After struggling in 2023, Lauer was granted free agency to seek a change in scenery from Milwaukee. While he could be comfortable joining Counsell with the Cubs, he could find just the change he needs at Wrigley Field.

Lauer had his best season in 2022, going 11-7 in 29 games started for the Brewers. He threw 158.2 innings, earning a 3.69 ERA with 157 strikeouts. He didn't come close to replicating this performance in 2023, but the hope would be that he can still produce these numbers.

Lauer could be an intriguing option for Counsell as he could use a lefty arm with the potential to produce well at the bottom of the rotation or even as a long reliever. Pitching is essential, and Counsell could find a comfortable option to help him through the season.

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