He Hate Them: Dion Dawkins pours gasoline on lingering feud with Jets

It's the offseason which means it's time for players talk smack and lay the groundwork for future in-game fights.

Dion Dawkins, Buffalo Bills
Dion Dawkins, Buffalo Bills / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

It’s normal for fans not to like the players on their rival’s team. If you go into any Dak-related Cowboys tweet, you don’t have to scroll down too far to see Eagles fans weighing in on the issue in a way that would make LeSean McCoy proud. It’s a totally different thing when a player actively hates the players on another team.

When that happens, we get electricity. When that happens, we get an Andre Johnson and Courtland Finnegan brawl. When that happens, we get Aqib Talib snatching Courtland Finnegan’s chain… and a brawl. Buffalo Bills tackle Dion Dawkins just walked into the ring and told the Jets to put their dukes up.

Dion Dawkins v. Michael Clemons will be the NFL heavyweight fight of the century

Last week, Dion Dawkins went on VladTV and spoke about the dust-up that he had with the New York Jets defensive end Micheal Clemons. After the Bills’ 32-6 victory over the Jets in Week 11, Dawkins and Clemons were seen jawing at each other on the way to their locker rooms.

That’s cool. That’s fine. It’s just a couple of world-class athletes having a pleasant conversation after a game. We can just drop it, right? Wrong. 

In his interview (almost 100 days after the game), Dawkins blamed Clemons for starting the fight and said that it was “Weirdos being weird.” He went on to say, “I hate them, all of them… there are people that play the sport because they love the sport. And then there's people that play the sport just to try to be cool. I feel like they play the sport to try to be cool.”

A clip of the quote can be found here. Just a warning, it has some NSFW language.

This isn’t a ‘shots fired’ thing, this is a ‘coordinated drone strike’ thing. That’s what makes this beautiful, to go out of your way to insult a team that you have to line up directly across from twice a year. 

Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner responded to the video of Dawkins' claims.

When we saw the Talib/Crabtree and Johnson/Finnegan fights, we were watching smaller, skill-position players swinging at each other. A Dawkins/Clemons fight would be a whole lot more meat than that. Dawkins is listed as 6-foot-5 and 320 pounds and Clemons is 6-foot-5 and 270 pounds.

Ultimately, this is just another thing to look forward to in the 2024 season. Whenever the schedule drops we have to remember to mark our calendars for the de facto super heavyweight bout.

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