How important could Joey Votto actually be to the Blue Jays?

Joey Votto has already made an impact within the Blue Jays organization. Now we must ask ourselves, how far can he really take this?

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Major league baseball legend Joey Votto recently signed a minor league deal with an invite to spring training with his hometown team, the Toronto Blue Jays. In his debut with his new club on Sunday, as he tries to earn a spot on the big league roster, he did something extraordinary: He hit a home run on the first pitch he saw!

Although this is more of a happy, fun thing baseball fans will love to talk about rather than an actually significant event, there are still plenty of takeaways one could obtain after hearing about that at-bat. Assuming Votto will make the big league roster by mid-season, how large of an impact could he actually have?

Joey Votto can have an impact both on and off the field for the Blue Jays

Votto, with his extensive MLB career primarily with the Cincinnati Reds, brings a wealth of experience and leadership to any team. For the Blue Jays, a team that has been on the cusp of deep postseason runs, his veteran presence could be invaluable in guiding younger players and strengthening the team's mental toughness.

Votto is well-regarded for his character and influence off the field. His approach to the game, work ethic, and ability to mentor younger players could enhance the team's chemistry and foster a winning culture within the clubhouse.

One key area in which this young team lacks is their plate discipline, something that Votto famously excels at. If Votto could have any impact on improving this team's K/BB%, this team will win a lot more games than the past few years. 

Throughout his career, Votto has been known for his exceptional on-base ability and defensive skills at first base. Even if his best hitting-for-power days are behind him, his ability to get on base and make smart plays could significantly bolster the Blue Jays' lineup, contributing to both their offense and defense.

The addition of another left-handed bat (something the Blue Jays have been chasing for years) allows the team's management to be more flexible in their strategic decisions, both in-game and throughout the season. Votto's ability to adapt to different roles in the batting lineup or take on leadership tasks can be a significant asset in the long run.

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