Jason Kelce just shut down the Taylor Swift haters once and for all

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens
AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs punched yet another ticket to the Super Bowl this year, but it's also come with a bit more fanfare than ever before. That, of course, is due to the budding relationship between Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and arguably the biggest celebrity in the world, Taylor Swift.

Swift's presence at Chiefs games throughout the 2023 season has been a hotly debated topic, particularly the in-game coverage and reaction shots of the music icon in here suite with the Kelce and Mahomes families. And some people have been quick (and wrong) to say that Taylor Swift is ruining the NFL, this despite the fact that she's been on-camera for less than a minute on average during broadcasts.

While at the Pro Bowl Games in Orlando, though, Travis' brother, Jason Kelce, addressed that opinion and completely shot down that notion in a way that's going to be difficult to argue with anyway, and not just because it's coming from a man who resembles a small bear more so than an average human being.

Jason Kelce shuts down Taylor Swift haters ahead of Chiefs' Super Bowl

"The NFL would be foolish to not show [Taylor Swift]," Kelce said to Caleb Noe of WCPO in Cincinnati at the Pro Bowl Games.

Kelce went even beyond that, calling Swift "an unbelievable role model" for young women. The longtime Eagles center would certainly know, too. After all, it was Swift who he and his family spent time with in Buffalo during the Divisional Round game where Kelce became the star of the show with his shirtless, beer-drinking antics.

He undoubtedly has a point, though. Why would the NFL not try to expand its already massive audience to a new demographic of fans? It would be terrible business to not try and capitalize on Taylor Swift fans tuning in because of her relationship with Travis Kelce and trying to keep their attention. What's more, they truly aren't being overly intrusive in doing so, which the data backs up.

Sure, Kelce is probably standing up for his brother and his girlfriend to some degree. That, however, doesn't make his assessment of the situation wrong. Swift has been a positive role model and the Chiefs, along with the NFL, have seen their fan base grow with these developments. It's overall a good thing.

And if you still disagree with Jason Kelce, you're more than welcome to stand up to him. Though let's be honest, most people's chances in that arena are virtually nonexistent.

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