How to avoid these 5 bad things from happening to Kalen DeBoer in year one at Alabama

Doing any one of these five things in year one at Alabama could be problematic for Kalen DeBoer.

Kalen DeBoer, Alabama Crimson Tide
Kalen DeBoer, Alabama Crimson Tide / Brandon Sumrall/GettyImages
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3. Problem: Benching Jalen Milroe in favor of Austin Mack or someone

If demoting Nick Sheridan looks bad, benching Jalen Milroe would look even worse, especially if it where for Washington transfer Austin Mack. That is how you lose the rest of the locker room and most of the Alabama fanbase in one fell swoop. Fortunately, I don't think that is going to happen because DeBoer is a great head coach. However, you have to remember that he did not recruit him.

It is still very early, but I have Milroe not only on my shortlist of serious 2024 Heisman Trophy contenders. If he if plays up to standard in what could be his final year at Alabama, he could be a first-round pick. He is not QB1 or QB2 material, but his big-game heroics could be enough to make him a top-12 pick or something. Benching him for Mack just signifies that DeBoer is totally over his skis.

The best way to avoid any potential mutiny or coup is to lean on your Heisman Trophy candidate.

Solution: Trust your potential Heisman Trophy candidate to get it done

To me, you don't take the job at Alabama if you didn't want Milroe to be your starting quarterback for at least 2024. He might come back for another year after this in 2025, but why would anyone punt on inheriting a top-10 quarterback in college football? That is what Milroe is heading into his second season as the Alabama starter. He is battle-tested, incredibly mentally tough and a fantastic leader.

If DeBoer built a quick connection with Michael Penix Jr. during their one year together at Indiana in 2019, you have to believe he is going to love working with Milroe. While he is not Bryce Young, he is a very good college football player, the type that possesses similar dynamic on-field traits that made Penix a legend at both Indiana and Washington. Milroe is less of a passer, but is also far more mobile.

DeBoer can do whatever he wants, but the optics of benching Milroe year one are so beyond terrible.