Klay Thompson's bold Warriors take suggests they could be Finals-bound

After beating the Lakers, the Warriors control their destiny for the ninth seed. One key veteran is outspoken about the franchise's long-shot title hopes.
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors
Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Golden State Warriors control their destiny when it comes to their chase for the ninth seed. With that in mind, one of their key veterans sees a possible run for a title with the similarities they have with another play-in team that made the Finals last season. According to Anthony Pasciolla of Fan Nation, Klay Thompson thinks the Warriors are "capable of a [finals] run" that the Heat made last season after having to play in the play-in tournament.

"We take a lot of motivation from the Heat last year who had to play two play-in games and made it all the way to the Finals. I think we're capable of a run like that. We obviously can't look ahead, but whatever happens, we will be ready. We know that it can be done. There is no task too tall for us."

Despite being in the Play-In Tournament, the Miami Heat were able to become the first Play-In Tournament team to make the Finals. The Heat received contributions from multiple role players who turned into superstar veterans for that playoff run.

Is Klay Thompson right in his bold predication?

While any veteran of Klay Thompson's stature is right in declaring that his team could make a deep playoff run, it's hard to see a world where the Warriors will be able to replicate what the 2023 Miami Heat did. This is a franchise that heavily depends on Stephen Curry. Even though the defense is impressive, the decline of Draymond Green and Klay Thompson makes it hard for the team to make a deep playoff run.

Some fans may find it easy to compare the Golden State Warriors and L.A Lakers. While the Lakers can make a deep playoff run if things go right, Golden State lacks the second all-NBA veteran that the Lakers have. With that in mind, it's hard to see a world where the Warriors aren't going to have a tough time playing against the Nuggets/Timberwolves/Thunder.

Since the franchise doesn't have a good shot of getting out of the first round of the playoffs, it's unlikely to see the Warriors make the run that Thompson predicts. Still, as Kevin Garnett said, anything is possible.