MLB Insider: Predicting the fallout if Los Angeles Dodgers’ collapse continues

The Los Angeles Dodgers are on the brink of another early playoff exit, and they will face some difficult questions. None more important -- or pressing -- than the future of manager Dave Roberts.

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Would Dave Roberts' future be in jeopardy as Dodgers manager?

The most interesting and pressing question that the Dodgers would face if they are eliminated by the Diamondbacks surrounds the future of Dave Roberts.

Will they run it back with Roberts in 2024? Or would they look to bring in a new voice in hopes of getting back to the World Series?

The answer is unclear, and it’s likely that the Dodgers don’t even know. The team loves Roberts. They have been one of baseball’s best regular season teams and despite the lack of recent postseason success, have been patient with him. They have long believed he is the right man for the job.

If the Dodgers’ job opens up, it will immediately be the most coveted job in baseball. Could they entice Craig Counsell, whose current contract with the Milwaukee Brewers is up, to come to Los Angeles? Surely there would be an extensive list of people interested in the job and the team could pick from an abundance of top candidates.

But as one rival executive recently explained to me, this could be a situation similar to what the Golden State Warriors faced years ago when Mark Jackson was their head coach. He was the coach who got them consistently to the postseason, but they needed a new coach – Steve Kerr – to get them over the hump.

Now, the Dodgers could be facing a similar situation.