MLB Rumors: Yankees back in on Snell, Alonso door open for Mets, Manoah hype train

  • The New York Yankees are back in on Blake Snell on a short-term deal.
  • The door is still open for a Pete Alonso extension with the Mets.
  • The Alek Manoah hype train is a good sign for the Toronto Blue Jays

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MLB Rumors: Could the Mets sign Pete Alonso to an extension soon?

Despite David Stearns insinuating that a contract extension before Opening Day is unlikely, New York Mets star Pete Alonso is still open to the idea. The ball is now in the court of the Mets front office.

Alonso is set to enter free agency next winter, barring he doesn't sign an extension with the Mets or another team via trade. The power threat from Queens is a homegrown product, and despite his asking price remains a top priority for Steve Cohen and Co. Cohen is the richest owner in the sport, so there's no shortage of available funds to keep him around. However, if Stearns can sell Cohen on a cheaper alternative, the loud-mouthed owner will at least listen.

The Polar Bear is unwilling to take a hometown discount to stay with the Mets. It's tough to blame him for that, as the Mets are not a small-market team by any means. If they prefer to keep Alonso and his 46 home runs on the roster, they should head to the negotiating table now. Alonso's value will only increase from here on out, as his consistency at the plate might suggest.

Alonso was floated in trade talks to the Chicago Cubs this offseason. Were he to hit the free-agent market next winter, Chicago will likely be one of the suitors, as their first base void has yet to be filled. Without an extension, there is also the possibility that the Mets would consider trading Alonso at the deadline if they're out of contention. That's a reality fans in Queens hope to avoid altogether.

There's little excuse for a team like the Mets to trade its best homegrown power hitter. Alonso came up through the ranks of the Mets minor-league system. Sure, Stearns is used to trading away those assets from his days in Milwaukee. New York treats their stars a little differently.