NBA Rumors: Exec believes Donovan Mitchell will leave Cavaliers once contract ends

The Cleveland Cavaliers are one of the hottest teams in the NBA right now but the potential departure of Donovan Mitchell casts a long shadow over their playoff push.

Philadelphia 76ers v Cleveland Cavaliers
Philadelphia 76ers v Cleveland Cavaliers / Jason Miller/GettyImages

Even though the Cleveland Cavaliers are currently second in the Eastern Conference and have just come off a 27-8 stretch, Donovan Mitchell could be on his way out of the organization. According to Howard Beck of The Ringer, executives around the league think Donovan Mitchell will be "leaving [Cleveland] once his contract ends." Additionally, the franchise could trade him preemptively if they are unable to get out of the first round this season.

Cleveland is heading into the All-Star break as one of the best squads in the Eastern Conference. While the franchise has been hot, this is a squad that can easily lose to Philly or New York in a playoff series if they were to fall a couple of games in the standings. The squad could also lose to Indiana if the Pacers got hot and the Cavs fell to the third seed.

In all reality, the only way for the Cavs to ensure getting to the second round of the playoffs would be getting to the one seed. Cleveland has plenty of ground to make up if they want to do that. With the Cavs not a lock for the second round this season, should Cavs fans just stop buying Donovan Mitchell jerseys?

Will Donovan Mitchell ever sign a extension with the Cavs?

While there is a strong possibility that Cleveland is able to make a deep playoff run this season, there is a chance that this franchise can fall in a shocking first-round series upset. Despite their recent hot play, the noise around Mitchell leaving hasn't quieted at all. Beyond breaking the 1972 Lakers record for winning 33 straight games, it seems like there will likely always be noise about Mitchell leaving the franchise until the moment he signs an extension.

Of course, the Cavs could likely stop all of this by making it to the Finals this season but that is incredibly hard to do.

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