NBA rumors: League is looking to expand NBA draft into two nights

With the success of the NBA In-Season Tournament, Adam Silver is eyeing changes to another of the league's premier legacy events.
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets
Los Angeles Lakers v Denver Nuggets / Justin Tafoya/GettyImages

While appearing on Sirius XM radio, Adam Silver floated the idea of changing the structure of another major NBA event. Silver said that the NBA Draft draft might be going from the one night that it is currently on and be televised over two nights instead. It seems like the commissioner is speaking to Disney about the change and is currently working through the details. Once he can get approval from the television partners, the league will then try to get the NBA Players Association to agree to it.

To be quite honest, it's unlikely that Disney won't agree to have the NBA Draft over two nights because live sports entertainment is king. More fans would probably tune into the first night of the draft than the second but it would be something that the entertainment giant would plausibly want.

It's unclear whether the NBPA would be against the move but this could be something that the union does to get something else that they have been bargaining for. The question is how fans would react to having the NBA Draft split up.

How would fans react to a possible format change in the NBA Draft?

At first, people would most likely see this as stretching the product out as much as possible. While fans would most likely not like this move at first, the league could get people to buy in if they could get entertaining content from the young players. Two nights of the NBA draft could allow the league to focus on each pick and the story of each rookie.

This would allow more focus to be paid attention to players who aren't selected in the top five picks in the draft. As a whole, making the NBA draft two nights could allow the league to market their incoming players a lot better.

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