NFL Rumors: 4 potential contenders who should give Kirk Cousins $90 million

Kirk Cousins is available to the highest bidder. These aspiring contenders should make a run at the veteran gunslinger.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
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1. Kirk Cousins can optimize the Dolphins offense in the playoffs

I just got back from the stock market, where I liquidated all my Tua Tagovailoa shares. The Miami Dolphins' offense ran aground once again in the Wild Card round. We should probably give them a little leniency due to the frigid temperatures in Kansas City, but the Dolphins were only on the road because of a late-season collapse that concluded with a home loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 18.

Mike McDaniel is that dude. There's no denying his brilliance as an offensive play-caller. The Dolphins led the NFL in passing yards and finished sixth in rushing yards. He can scheme receivers open better than any O.C. in football. Credit where credit is due, Tagovailoa nailed the unique timing and precision necessary to make the Dolphins' offense tick in the regular season.

Unfortunately, the playoffs are a different beast. Tagovailoa's arm strength simply doesn't hold up under pressure. The Chiefs were in his grill all night and he floundered. As impressive as the thought is, there's a chance the Dolphins' offense can get even better with a more dynamic signal-caller. Enter Kirk Cousins, who should be able to pick up on McDaniel's scheme quickly while offering more explosive upside. Just imagine if the Dolphins can actually get the football in Tyreek Hill's hands once the playoffs arrive. Jaylen Waddle deep balls need not be exclusive to the regular season.

This is a bold and somewhat controversial proposition, of course. Tagovailoa is a decade younger than Cousins and in the final year of his contract. Miami doesn't exactly have an opening at QB. This would require finding a trade partner for Tagovailoa while recognizing that landing the next man up is just as important as landing Cousins. He will only contribute at high level for so much longer. If the Dolphins want to build a sustainable contender, there has to be a succession plan.

Essentially, the Dolphins are the pipe dream here. It won't happen, even if it maybe should happen. Sometimes you have to bite the bullet and recognize a key player is not built for the moment.

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