5 teams that would be willing to give Kirk Cousins a fully-guaranteed contract

Kirk Cousins may have very well played his last down as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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3. Pittsburgh Steelers must upgrade at quarterback, but are so stubborn

Everybody but the Pittsburgh Steelers see what is right in front of them. That would be a bad quarterback situation for 2024. They just released Mitch Trubisky. Despite still having Kenny Pickett under contract, the Steelers are more inclined to bring back backup Mason Rudolph for another year than bringing in a quarterback who actually wants to start games. Does Mike Tomlin want to be fired?

I will keep saying this. Cousins to the Steelers makes a lot of sense. I think he helps Pittsburgh win in the short-to-medium term. He will be a stabilizing presence in an otherwise chaotic room. Cousins has actually played his best football running an offense that uses the run to open up the pass. New offensive coordinator Arthur Smith would love that. Of course, keeping Pickett around is a problem.

Because Cousins is such a nice and likable guy, he will take Pickett under his wing in the hopes he can make him a better pro player. Well, this is just pandering and delaying the inevitable. The Steelers are refusing to rip the Pickett band-aid off because the front office does not want to accept that it whiffed on the Pitt product from inside the building. Since Pittsburgh is so stubborn, it won't happen.

Cousins could get the Steelers to 12 wins next year, possibly even to the AFC Championship Game.