NFL Rumors: Absurd Vikings-Patriots trade, Cowboys-Devin White buzz, Ravens RB upgrade

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NFL Rumors: Justin Jefferson trade from Vikings to Patriots for No. 3 pick proposed

Justin Jefferson is still looking for a contract extension with the Minnesota Vikings, one that would almost surely make him the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. At the same time, the Vikings could be turning the page at quarterback from Kirk Cousins this offseason. And then out in Foxborough, the New England Patriots are working to address questions at both receiver and QB as well, though their questions are about filling glaring holes.

Then we have the forthcoming 2024 NFL Draft. The Patriots appear in good position with the No. 3 pick to potentially nab one of the top three quarterbacks in the draft or Ohio State star Marvin Harrison Jr. Meanwhile, the Vikings are locked in at the No. 11 overall pick, in worse position to get a quarterback for the future.

With all of this information and some reporting, that led to Colin Cowherd proposing a truly wild trade, one that would see the Vikings deal Justin Jefferson to the Patriots:

"I've got an idea. New England's got the No. 3 pick. What does New England desperately need? A playmaker. Justin Jefferson — switch picks, I'll give you next year's (first-rounder) and Justin Jefferson to go from 11 to 3. 'Cause they've already got Jordan Addison, they've got the tight end they like (T.J. Hockenson). They've got skill players. Next year's one and Justin Jefferson to move up to the number three spot to get your quarterback."

We might be able to file this one under "Things that will never happen, but maybe should."

To be clear, this is just Cowherd postulating with no information other than the fact that the Patriots have a dire need at receiver and the Vikings are reportedly aiming to trade up from the No. 11 pick in the first round. Connecting those dots to land on trading Justin Jefferson is skipping roughly a dozen steps one could take before getting there.

The viability of such a trade, especially when including the Vikings 2025 first-round pick as well in the deal, would certainly depend on Minnesota's desperation level at quarterback. If they feel confident in being able to land a veteran or a QB they like where they already are in the draft, then there's no chance Jefferson would remotely be on the table. But, if that isn't the case and, more importantly, if they haven't come close to negotiating a new deal with Jefferson, perhaps it does come into play.

All told, this seems like a hair-brained theory at the moment. There is at least a chance, however, that Cowherd's proposal looks marginally more plausible with how the next several weeks of the offseason play out.

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