NFL stats: 3 biggest takeaways after first two weeks

  • Geno Smith is still the guy
  • The Jets have a clear offensive focus while Rodgers is out
  • Chase Claypool is back, and not the Bears issue
Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions
Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

Monday night features two NFL games this week, but we've seen enough to make some conclusions based on the stats around the league on Thursday night and Sunday's games.

Here's what we learned after taking a look at the numbers!

Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson right now

Would you rather have Russell Wilson or Geno Smith right now? The Seattle Seahawks look continually comfortable with Smith as their guy after trading Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos.

Smith currently holds the regular season's second-best completion percentage above expectation, converting 71.6 percent of his passes while the expected rate was 60.8. Week 2 featured a remarkable 18.2 percent better completion percentage than expected.

Russell Wilson? 3.1 percent below expectation.

Wilson needs the wristband.

The Jets need to run the ball as much as possible with Rodgers out

Breece Hall is that guy, and needs to remain the centerpiece of the Jets offense moving forward. According to Next Gen Stats, he had the single-best rushing yards over expected per attempt (5.8) in Week 2 through Sunday afternoon's games. That was 81 total yards over expected, second to only Christian McCaffrey.

Against a lockdown Cowboys defense, that's an impressive showing from the Jets running back.

The Bears have issues, but Chase Claypool was not one of them in Week 2

Chase Claypool was put on blast after Week 1, with benching him clearly in consideration. In Week 2, he scored a touchdown and reinstated his reputation... For now. Stats show he was a positive part of the offense and ran good routes. He earned himself the second-biggest average cushion in the NFL through Sunday's games.

There's still improvement to be made, though Claypool no longer looks like the biggest issues. He only caught three of the five tosses his way.

The issue with the Bears offense, currently, appears to rest solely on Justin Fields. Fields looked completely out of sorts on Sunday, despite having plenty of time to make decisions. After two weeks, he has taken 10 sacks and a startling nine of them have come with four seconds or more of pocket protection.

Fields, simply, needs to be more decisive in the pocket. If routes aren't available, there's nothing wrong with throwing the ball away. A thrown-away ball is always preferable to a sack and lost yardage.

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