Last remnant of Bill Belichick is sticking around with Patriots

Despite Bill and Stephen Belichick leaving, Brian Belichick is staying with the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick, New England Patriots
Bill Belichick, New England Patriots / Winslow Townson/GettyImages

And then there was one... With an option bestowed to them by new New England Patriots head coach Jerod Mayo to stay on and work for him, only one Belichick will be employed by the franchise in 2024. That would be safeties coach Brian Belichick. With Bill Belichick out of a job in his early 70s, his two sons had a chance to stick on with Mayo. Brian took up his offer, while Stephen went back to college.

Admittedly, it is hard to get out of your father's shadow, especially when that father is arguably the greatest head coach in NFL history. Having the opportunity to work with your father is probably pretty cool, as well as being a tremendous way to get one's foot in the door at such a difficult profession. However, I would have liked Brian to leave like Bill was forced to and Stephen ultimately chose to do.

No, I am not going to pan Brian Belichick's decision to stay, as retaining the same position on his new defensive-minded head coach's staff could be beneficial long-term. This is probably a smart move to help build his brand like his older brother Stephen did. He had that incredible blonde mullet, but had been the defensive play-caller in New England the last five years. This got him the Washington job.

Brian gets to work for Mayo, Stephen is going to Seattle to work for Jedd Fisch, and Bill is still waiting.

Brian Belichick takes up Jerod Mayo's offer to stay on his Patriots' staff

The best thing for everyone involved is to go their separate ways. Bill Belichick may get one more opportunity to lead an NFL team, but we shall see. The last few years leading the Patriots into the ground did not go over well. Although the Atlanta Falcons certainly took him for a ride before hiring Raheem Morris instead, other teams like the New York Jets could potentially be in play for Belichick.

As for Stephen Belichick, there is a lot to like about him partnering up with Fisch at U-Dub. The Huskies are fresh off a College Football Playoff appearance and a national championship berth. They may be switching conferences, but Fisch is well-equipped to have success in the new Big Ten, even though he just got there. He made the Arizona Wildcats into a winner. This program was so atrocious.

And for Brian Belichick, he can have success working with Mayo, but staying put could have consequences. There are plenty of Belichick allies to be had in both the college and pro games, but what happens if it hits the fan under Mayo and The Krafts admit to the huge mistake they just made? With nowhere to go and an even more depreciated stock, he may be heading to coaching bankruptcy.

If someone was going to stay, it was always going to be Belichick's youngest son, so good for him.

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