Phillies take hot dogs away from fans and created more problems than they fixed

Dollar Dog Night is a special occasion at Citizen's Bank Park. However, the Phillies have chosen to cancel this event for 2024, and the fans aren't having it.

Chicago Cubs v Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs v Philadelphia Phillies / Hunter Martin/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Phillies have recently made the news for all the wrong reasons.

"Dollar Dog Night" is a special night in Philadelphia where fans could buy $1 hot dogs at certain home games. It's a fan-favorite at Citizen's Bank Park.

Sadly, the Phillies have decided to make a very controversial decision regarding the matter, choosing to cancel Dollar Dog Night altogether and replacing it with a BOGO night, which will get fans two franks for $5.

The Phillies have cited fans throwing hot dogs and flooding the concourses as the main reasons why they are cancelling this event.

"It wasn't just the throwing," said Phillies Senior Vice President of ticket operations and projects John Weber. "It's the concourse, the crowds of everybody being at the same X amount of stands. But obviously, you know, the throwing was a little bit of a tipping point."

Phillies fans furious over hot dog cancellation

Phillies fans are furious over this decision to cancel Dollar Dog Night, and many of them have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure. Crossing Broad, a Philadelphia sports blog, linked a petition to have the Phillies reinstate the event.

Other Phillies fans, while frustrated about the situation, have posted some very funny memes on Twitter that illustrate the emotional state of the city after learning Dollar Dog night was canceled.

Another fan replied to a tweet featuring a video of a man doing a strange workout, suggesting that he was simply training to find whoever had the idea to cancel Dollar Dog Night.

But all is not lost. One Phillies fan proposed a hilarious potential solution on the Nathan for You meme template, for fans to smuggle 500 hot dogs into the ballpark and sell them all for $1.

Hopefully, the Phillies will hear the fans' outcry and answer their prayers to reinstate Dollar Dog Night. If not, the solution proposed in the tweet above certainly isn't a bad idea. The only problem will be getting past security with the hot dogs.

But the Phillies have made their choice, angering fans and sparking an outcry.