Russell Wilson states an absurd five-year goal, announces where he wants to play

Russell Wilson still thinks he can win multiple Super Bowls. If he can, he'll have proved virtually everyone wrong in the process.

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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There's one thing you can't say about Russell Wilson, no matter how big of a hater you may be: He's not a pessimist. In fact, his undying optimism is near-Ted Lasso levels of irritating.

Wilson, despite going from the upper echelon of the NFL's starting quarterbacks to a starter who has now missed the postseason in two straight years, has not made good on his massive contract extension with the Denver Broncos. Denver owes him $17 million next year, $37 million the year after, then $40, $44 and $50 million, respectively, in 2026, 2027 and 2028.

It's nearly impossible to see Denver keeping him on the roster for the duration of this contract that aged like milk, but given how much of the deal they guaranteed, maybe it's their best option?

Wilson has no intention of hanging it up anytime soon, that's for sure.

Russell Wilson says he wants to remain a Bronco and chase titles

Wilson may be playing Mr. PR at the moment, but in a podcast (I AM ATHLETE) with Brandon Marshall, Wilson suggests that he wants to honor the terms of his contract and continue on in Denver. Apparently, despite their public proclamation that they don't want him, and a near battle with the team over his contract this past season, he wants to stick around...

"Whether if it's in Denver or somewhere else. I hope it's in Denver, you know I hope I get to finish there. I committed there, I wanted to be there, you know I want to be there... I love the city and everything else, but you also want to be a place that wants you too."

Wilson also brought out the classic job interview question: Where do you see yourself in five years? What have you accomplished between now and then?

"Over the next five years I want to win two [Super Bowls]. I want to feel the chill of that trophy again."

Two Super Bowl titles is a lofty goal for any player. It's even loftier for a player who has struggled immensely over the last two years. Wilson is also entering year 13, but that should be less of a concern than it may have been previously, as most quarterbacks are aging gracefully thanks to modern medicine and quarterback-helpful rule books.

Can Wilson do it? Sure, in the way that anything is possible, of course he can. Does it feel like a safe bet? Far from it. If he can lift even one Lombardi in the next five years before he retires, it would be an impressive feat. The doubts are loud for Wilson. He still doesn't seem scared. Whether that fearlessness is warranted, we'll find out.

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