Sherrone Moore following in Jim Harbaugh's footsteps, maintains Michigan's innocence

The fact Sherrone Moore thinks Michigan is innocent in the sign-stealing scandal speaks volumes.

Sherrone Moore, Michigan Wolverines
Sherrone Moore, Michigan Wolverines / Jamie Schwaberow/GettyImages

It seems like everybody knows what is coming except for the Michigan faithful. Although the Wolverines just won their first national title since 1997 by winning the College Football Playoff, there is a pretty good chance this once-in-a-generation season will be marred by scandal. Jim Harbaugh could not get out of Dodge fast enough. Neither could much of his coaching staff who followed him.

The Los Angeles Chargers may be in the NFL, but Michigan is the better job, yet why did everyone leave this college town for a shot at big-city living? Well, because the sign-stealing investigation is still ongoing and it is hard to see Michigan coming out of this innocent. In a court of law, the football team may be found not guilty, but I don't know if innocent is the right word to use to describe this big mess.

While appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, new Wolverines head coach Sherrone Moore said the following to the Michigan alum host of the program. "Just like coach said, I think we're innocent" is about as big of a red flag as there gets. You don't think, you know! I think therefore, I am innocent???

“That’s something that’s out there. We don’t know what’s going to happen with it. And we’re just going to take it day by day. You know, obviously, I think the President made a great statement and talked about how, you know, our players and we won it fair and square. Just like coach said, I think we’re innocent, and we’ll just keep trucking along and attacking every day. And that’s what we’re gonna do.”

Here is the entire interview of Moore speaking to Eisen about his life since taking over the Wolverines.

Not going to lie, I am going to feel so bad for Moore if he is left holding the (empty) bag at Michigan.

Sherrone Moore thinks Michigan is innocent of any sign-stealing activity

For Harbaugh to be suspended twice for six games in total and three games apiece last year, I can't really say the Michigan program has been on the up-and-up since the COVID season. Michigan did not win a single game at home in 2020 but somehow emerged as the biggest baddie college football has ever seen in the Big Ten a year later. Of course, he is a good coach and they have good players...

However, I don't think anybody besides Michigan fans were happy to see the Wolverines win the national championship. Had Alabama, Texas, Washington or anyone else won the College Football Playoff, it would have felt undeniable legitimate. To be frank, people hate cheaters, and Michigan has not been cleared of any wrongdoing. In time, the Wolverines might. I will apologize, but not until then...

While I don't trust the NCAA at all, and neither should you, I just have a bad feeling that something went on behind the scenes at Michigan that Harbaugh and other people on the staff tried to cover up. This sign-stealing scandal could have been prevented entirely if college teams could adopt the green dots like the NFL has for years, but this is more evidence that college athletics are so unorganized.

However, people aren't going to just make this up for the sake of it. Harbaugh is not for everyone, and it is pretty clear people wanted him out of the Big Ten because every other head coach couldn't stand him. Truth be told, I feel really bad for Moore. His team, this year's, next year's and beyond are going to have to be punished for inherent shadiness that went on over the last three seasons. This just sucks...

Moore seems like an incredibly likable guy, but Harbaugh has put the coach in an impossible spot.

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