Steelers fans salivate over perfect Kenny Pickett preseason: Best memes and tweets

It's just the preseason but...Kenny Pickett and the Steelers' offense look about as good as can be.
Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett
Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It's just the preseason. It's just the preseason. It's just the preseason.

That's the mantra going through many heads after the Steelers starting offense put on another show in their preseason finale against the Falcons.

Half of those are Pittsburgh fans who don't want to get ahead of themselves in August. The other half are Steeler's rivals hoping the preseason really is irrelevant.

Kenny Pickett led two drives with the first team offense resulting in two touchdowns: Najee Harris punched in the first from one yard out. Jaylen Warren scored the second on an eight-yard run.

That brings the starting offense up to five drives with five touchdowns in the three preseason outings.

As for the quarterback, he completed his third preseason appearance with 86 yards on 4-for-4 passing. In total this preseason, he maintained a perfect passer rating of 158.3 with 199 yards on 13-of-15 passing overall.

Steelers fans are all about Kenny Pickett's perfect preseason

To put it lightly, Steelers fans are incredibly encouraged by what they've seen from their quarterback and their offense as a whole this August.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's just the preseason. Pickett looked good in the meaningless games last year too and the first half of the season was still pretty miserable for the Steelers offense. That's all fair but...

Pickett was a rookie last year. He sat behind Mitchell Trubisky initially before taking over the starting role and it took him some time to come into his own. The game clearly slowed down for him in the regular season after a certain point.

What has Steelers fans so excited is the continuation of all the things Pickett did well last year with the added excitement of seeing guys like George Pickens continuing to develop.

Offensive coordinator Matt Canada still has many questions to answer once the regular season begins. And if things don't run as smoothly, you can bet fans will be calling for his head again soon. But for now, it's all positive vibes in Pittsburgh.

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