Steelers Rumors: Devin Bush fails again, why Kevin Dotson was traded, RB battle ends

Former Steelers LB Devin Bush is on the chopping block again. There's a reason why Kevin Dotson was traded. Steelers RB battle is over.
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
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Steelers Rumors: Devin Bush is available for trade

Don't worry, Steelers fans, Devin Bush won't be returning to Pittsburgh anytime soon.

Bush left the Steelers for the Seattle Seahawks in what should have been a chance at redemption. Pittsburgh traded up in the first round of the NFL Draft to select Bush out of Michigan way back when. It didn't work. Bush struggled to make consistent tackles and suffered a traumatic injury. He hasn't been the same since.

Despite a fresh start with the Seahawks, his tenure in Seattle has done awry, as well. Per The News Tribune beat writer Gregg Bell, Bush could be traded as early as Tuesday:


“If Bush’s contract he signed as a free agent this spring didn’t guarantee he gets $2.99 million from the Seahawks this season, he could be cut,” Bell wrote. “They may be trying to trade him now that Brooks is back from his torn ACL to start with Wagner. Bush playing the first three quarters and getting a concussion covering a punt in the final preseason game, when all other veteran regulars were in sweatpants on the sidelines, makes one wonder.”

Bush doesn't really fit well on this Seattle roster, as he was primarily used as a depth linebacker and special teams player this preseason. Perhaps he'll sign on for another team which can unlock his potential, but the former Michigan standout hasn't played up to his billing as a first-round pick.