But everyone's doing it! Tennessee AD goes scorched earth armageddon on the NCAA

Tennessee athletic director Danny White went to bat for his university when it came to the NCAA.

Danny White, Tennessee Volunteers
Danny White, Tennessee Volunteers / Donald Page/GettyImages

This is not going to end well at all. No matter what becomes of Tennessee and Virginia's battles with the NCAA in court, all this fighting does is tear away at the fabric of the sport we love so much in college football. Pat Forde's article about the NCAA opening up an investigation into the Volunteers football program was the last straw. Tennessee athletic director Danny White is absolutely furious.

Under new leadership, Charlie Baker keeps fighting his war, even though his side long lost the battle. Tennessee is not the first program to be under investigation by the NCAA, as Florida State and Florida are feeling the heat as well. In the wonderful world of NIL, the NCAA previously pleaded no contest on name, image and likeness. You can't shrug your way through life and expect to be taken seriously.

Florida State is in hot water of trying to induce former Georgia offensive tackle Amarius Mims to come to Tallahassee. Florida is feeling the heat over all that went down on Jayden Rashada signing his NLI to come to Gainesville, only to dip out after a few weeks to then go play for his father's alma mater of Arizona State. Tennessee is all about the $8 million recruit we all claim to know who it is.

Regardless, give White a ton of credit for hitting send on this memo to defend Tennessee over this.

With how things ended under Jeremy Pruitt and the Greg Schiano fiasco, this is so very Tennessee...

Tennessee AD Danny White absolutely blasts the NCAA in his memo

Look. I am not a fan of the NCAA at all. The only thing with poorer leadership in college athletics than the instution supposedly in charge of it was the Pac-12, and that thing bit the dust only a few months ago. Not to say the NCAA is going to go the way of the Pac-12, but their past mistakes, and they have made a few, will surely come back to haunt them. NIL does need guardrails, but how do we fix this?

While flying someone like Nico Iamaleava across the country on a private jet is a great way to bring unwonted attention on yourself, Tennessee cares deeply about college athletics. They have big-pocketed boosters like Jimmy Haslam on speed dial. He may have had his issues leading the Cleveland Browns before, but his AFC football team seems to be firing on all cylinders presently.

White attacking the NCAA certainly curries favor within him in his fanbase. Not everyone may agree with what he is saying and his tactics, but he is a man of his people, and I respect that. His scathing takedown of the NCAA make not hit the same as when Mack Brown went to bat for one of his former players in Tez Walker's eligibility case, but White has quickly become the next Tennessee cult hero.

Just because I am a strong writer does not mean I am a strong reader. No more legalese, please...

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