Aug 24, 2013; Williamsport, PA, USA; California (West) players wait outside the dugout to take the field during the fourth inning against Connecticut (New England) during the Little League World Series at Lamade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

Batter in Little League World Series is hit in the head (GIF)

It’s a terribly frighting scenario when a Major League player is hit in the head by a pitch.

It becomes even more terrifying when it happens to a little league player, which is exactly what happened during today’s Little League World Championship.

In the top of the first inning, Team California (who is from Lakeside, near San Diego) was batting against Team Japan when one of their batters was hit in the helmet by the incoming pitch.

Some may assume that the beaning wouldn’t be nearly as painful as being hit by a 90mph fastball in a Major League game, but one has to keep in mind the mound is much closer in Little League action and these little kids can throw well into the 50′s and 60′s (sometimes even faster).

The young star for Lakeside was down on the ground for about three to four minutes as trainers attended to him, but he was able to walk off the field (with assistance) under his own power before making his way to the training room. Members of Team Japan rushed over (including the pitcher) to shake heads prior to him leaving the field.

We’ll provide an update soon as we know his status.

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