FanSided And Fancred Team Up To Give A Voice To Fans


FanSided is proud to announce a new partnership with Fancred.

FanSided has always been committed to giving a voice to sports fans. Our network started because two brothers thought that the national media wasn’t giving enough attention to their beloved Kansas City Chiefs. Today, FanSided is over 240 blogs strong, covering just about every team in every sport. And all of our sites are powered by fans!

Because of our obsession with empowering sports fans, we are always looking for new partners to help us in our endeavor.

And that is how we came across Fancred.

Fancred is a sports ­only social platform aimed at providing sports fans with the best content from people they trust and enjoy. Fancred has only been live for a few weeks, but in that short time the Fancred app already has changed how sports journalists and fans interact. Fans, bloggers, beat reporters, even coaches, athletes and university athletic directors have joined Fancred. This is due to the quality content and conversation users find in Fancred on a daily basis.

Not only is Fancred a great way to interact with other fans to talk about your favorite teams, players and sports, it also keeps score.

The Fancred score is a 1 – 100 point system that measures your activity and engagement as a sports fan.

Increasing your Fancred is as simple as being a sports fan. Share your sports takes, check-in to games, participate in conversations, read and post articles about your teams, and build a following. The more active you are and the more others engage with your posts, the higher your Fancred will rise.

This is a chance for the best of the best in each team fandom to step up and separate themselves from the pack. Our readers can now get their sports news from FanSided and share and discuss that news on Fancred to build their Fancred score and enrich their fan experience on another screen.

All FanSided content now has a Fancred share button so you can easily share FanSided content with your followers on Fancred.

What are you waiting for? Download the Fancred app today and start raising your Fancred with FanSided!